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Build the software skills needed to prepare and file cases more efficiently. These short clips guide you step-by-step through electronic filing tasks, setup menus and more.

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Title: Best Case - Updating Your Software
Summary: Explore how to update Best Case to access the latest release and ensure you stay compliant with federal and local district requirements.
Running Time: 3:25 minutes
Title: Best Case - Using the Paycheck Calculator to Enter Schedule I and Form 122 Data
Summary: Learn how to save data-entry time and keep an accurate account of paycheck income and deductions using the Paycheck Calculator.
Running Time: 2:41 minutes
Title: Best Case - Streamline the Paycheck Calculator with Fast-Entry Templates
Summary: Speed up paycheck data-entry by creating templates with a custom set of deduction.
Running Time: 2:15 minutes

Electronic FilingElectronic Filing

Title: Best Case - Initial Filing Part 1: ECF Document Preparation
Summary: Discover how to generate Court compliant PDF documents for a complete or emergency/skeletal petition.
Running Time: 2:34 minutes
Title: Best Case - Initial Filing Part 2: OneTouch E-Filing
Summary: Learn how to use the OneTouch feature to automatically submit forms to the Courtís CM/ECF system. Find out how to include documents prepared outside of Best Case such as your Certificate of Credit Counseling.
Running Time: 3:22 minutes
Title: Best Case - Post Petition Filing: Form 423 Financial Management Cert.
Summary:: Learn how to download and attach the Debtor Education certificate to Form 423 so that it can be uploaded automatically using OneTouch.
Running Time: 2:54 minutes
Title: Best Case - Amended Filings
Summary: Walk through a basic post-petition filing from PDF generation to CM/ECF Login.
Running Time: 2:18 minutes


Title: Best Case - MyCaseInfo: Account Management
Summary: Learn how to add users, customize firm preferences and update billing information from the account management page.
Running Time: 2:19
Title: Best Case - MyCaseInfo: Client Management
Summary: Discover how to manage clients from the MyCaseInfo attorney administration portal.
Running Time: 3:15
Title: Best Case - MyCaseInfo: Invite a Client
Summary: Learn how to send out and customize a MyCaseInfo client invitation
Running Time: 2:24
Title: Best Case - MyCaseInfo: Client Questionnaire Overview
Summary: An overview of the basics of questionnaire and some helpful hints.
Running Time: 2:43
Title: MyCaseInfo: Website Registration Integration
Description: Learn how to integrate the MyCaseInfo registration process into your firmís website.
Running Time: 2:20 minutes


Title: Best Case - BestScan™
Summary: Scan a certificate of credit counseling, and save it directly into the ECF Manager.
Running Time: 1:17 minutes
Title: Best Case - BestScan Attachment
Summary: Scan and attach a certificate to Exhibit D of the Voluntary Petition.
Running Time: 2:06 minutes

Import Credit ReportsBankruptcy Data Integration

Title: Best Case - Order and Import Credit Report Data
Summary:Learn how to order, view and import Credit Report data into Best Case using the Credit Report Manager.
Running Time: 2:28 minutes
Title: CaseAssist - Order Bankruptcy Data Products & Services
Summary: Learn how to order and acess multiple bankruptcy data products and services using CaseAssist.
Running Time: 1:50 minutes
Title: Credit Report Manager - Set up the Credit Report Option
Summary: Learn how to activate the credit report option and configure import, account and security settings.
Running Time: 1:43 minutes
Title: Best Case - Simplify Time Consuming Tasks with Bankruptcy Course Manager
Summary: Learn how to deliver course instructions, streamline reminders and access course certificates for no additional cost to your firm.
Running Time: 3:35 minutes

Credit Counseling Certificates, Payment Advices Credit Counseling Certificates, Payment Advices

Title: Best Case - Existing Credit Counseling Certificate
Summary: Attach a scanned certificate of counseling to Exhibit D of the Voluntary Petition.
Running Time: 1:38 minutes


Title: Best Case - MyECFMail: Setting Up
Description: Get up and running quickly with MyECFMail.
Running Time: 1:58 minutes
Title: Best Case - MyECFMail: Case Viewer
Description: See how to view emails, PDFs, proofs of claim and events for a particular client with the Case Viewer in Best Case or MyECFMail.
Running Time: 1:16 minutes
Title: Best Case - MyECFMail: Email Manager
Description: Get an overview of the Email Manager and learn how to view and access documents quickly.
Running Time: 2:28 minutes
Title: Best Case - MyECFMail: Calendar Functionality
Description: Review what the MyECFMail Calendar auto-populates and see how to manage display settings.
Running Time: 2:52 minutes


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