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Electronic Filing

Best Case Bankruptcy provides law firms across the country with the fastest and most reliable way to file.

Best Case electronic filing system is court specific. Your relationship with the court is extremely important so your software needs to make sure your documents and filing system are court-specific. Best Case generates PDF documents that meets your Courtís specified electronic filing settings and is completely compatible with the Courtís CM/ECF system.

Preparation Tools

  • ECF Wizard - Quickly converts case data entered into Best Case into PDF documents compliant with the court specified settings for electronic filing.
  • ECF Manager - Logs all filing activity, records and stores your documents so you can organize, view and manage your files with ease.*

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  • PayNow Express - Allows users to pay filing fees online to save time and streamline the filing process.*
  • BestScan - Takes paper documents like credit counseling certificates and coverts them to PDF files for electronic filing.

Filing Tools

  • OneTouch Electronic Filing System - In one click, it files and dockets a case in just moments. The process is automated eliminating the need to navigate through the Courtís web site.*

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  • File Form 23 with OneTouch - Creates and automates the post-petition filing of Form 23 and the Financial Management Certificate.*

* Requires that your firm be covered by our maintenance plan. Maintenance is included for one full year with your initial purchase, and is available for an affordable annual fee thereafter.