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Additional Best Case Features and Tools

Access cutting-edge features, tools and calculators that will save your firm time and provide users with advanced capabilities. Showcased below are a few user-favorite features.

Additional Document Library:

Expedite creditor mailings in a flash. Use preloaded templates to craft customized letters, easily create mailing envelopes and quickly access a specific creditor address list.

Best Case Editor:

Gain more flexibility by editing forms in Best Case. Customize a variety of local, supplemental, and official forms by adding additional information, revising dates, developing cover sheets and more. Then save them as an attachment or as a replacement to the original form.


Scan and attach documents quickly and easily. Take paper documents like credit counseling certificates and convert them to PDF files for electronic filing. BestScan generates PDF files, names them appropriately, attaches them to the proper documents and saves them in the required format, all in a few clicks.
See BestScan in action with these short Online Videos:

Scan Supplemental Documents for filing with OneTouch

Scan Attachments to Forms and Schedules

Chapter 11 Tools:

Best Case delivers all the mandatory Federal Forms organized in court-specific order, jurisdiction-specific formatting with form editing capabilities and more.

Client Management Tools:

Best Case continues to provide new functionality to host, sort, and administer case information. Easily include detailed notes, reference a list of deadline dates for critical events, create your own entry fields to track specific information, print client lists and much more.

Common Creditor List:

Build a directory of commonly used creditors. After a creditor is entered into the Common Creditor List, there is no need to re-enter the data, simple select the creditor and assign it to a Schedule. Not only are you saving valuable data entry time but each creditor record includes an area for notes, collection agencies, contact data and law firms representing creditors.

Online Tools:

Access a suite of online tools to run a quick Median Income Test, calculate a data range, identify Federal holidays and more.

Exemption 522 Analyzer:

Easily determine which statutes apply to your clients under the state residency requirements. The 522 Exemption Analyzer examines the debtor's domicile and homestead purchase history to determine the state's exemptions and eligibility for a full homestead exemption.