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Chapter 13 Plan Calculator

Best Case Bankruptcy offers the most powerful and flexible Chapter 13 Plan Calculator available today, allowing you to quickly determine plan payments for your clients which saves you and your staff hours of time with each case.

Treatment Classifications:

Using claim information from Schedules D, E & F, Best Case allows users to select treatment classification for each portion of each claim. You decide whether to make fixed or pro-rata payments, whether the claim should be paid off through the plan or extend beyond it, and whether to make payments directly to the creditor or through the plan. You can even customize and create your own Chapter 13 Plan classifications!


After setting your treatment classifications, calculating your plan is easy! You can even create a step plan, factor in lump sum payments, and change the percentage to pay to unsecured non-priority creditors. Your plan will be calculated in moments, factoring in any interest accrued, checking for under funding, and comparing your totals to the Chapter 13 Plan limits.

Other Tools:

The Chapter 13 Plan Calculator can also help you and your clients understand the plan better with several helpful printouts and tools. After calculating your plan, you can create a print out of all payments to be made through the plan, the total paid to each creditor, a liquidation analysis and more.


The needs of Chapter 13 practitioners are unique and Best Case Bankruptcy’s Chapter 13 Plan Calculator is designed to be flexible to meet those needs. From user requested form preferences to creating custom plan classifications, the Chapter 13 Calculator puts you in control of your plan.

Custom Chapter 13 Plans:

Best Case Bankruptcy includes a standard Chapter 13 Plan format that is accepted in some districts in the country. However, some districts require that the Chapter 13 Plan to be printed in a very specific format. Best Case offers a number of such district-specific custom Chapter 13 Plans at an additional cost. To see if a custom Chapter 13 Plan is offered for your jurisdiction, please visit our Local Forms page.

Best Case Chapter 13 Calculator in Action:

Take our Chapter 13 Plan Tour for more in-depth information on our calculator. Best Case also offers complimentary Online Seminars focusing on the Chapter 13 Plan Calculator.

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